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Becky is a gifted workshop and seminar speaker

with a passion for inspiring her audience towards transformation.

She shares her personal experience

and connects with her audience through visual media,

small group interaction and experiential learning.



Becky has presented workshops around the globe: Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Kosovo, the US and across Canada.


Topics include:

- Resilience

- Loss and Grief

- Successfully Navigating Transition

- Parenting TCK's

- Debriefing - Training the Leader

In 1998, Becky developed and directed a 5 day re-entry camp for IW children and teens - 2-16 yrs. old, for a large Miss. organization in Canada. She continued to direct and teach at this camp for 19 years, enabling hundreds of IW children (MK's) to be debriefed and trained in how to navigate their transitions well.  

From 2015-2019, Becky has been part of the teaching team for ReBoot, a Canadian college aged re-entry retreat for MK's returning to Canada following high school. She was instrumental in shaping the overall teaching focus with others and is passionate about seeing MK's settle successfully back into their passport countries.

Becky has also been a speaker a number of times at Families in Global Transition.

Becky teaches families/parents at all stages of deployment (pre-field, on home assignment and repatriation). Her focus is on equipping parents to lead their family in age appropriate healthy and resilient ways.

Becky has co-facilitated 6 cohort groups in the first level of Debriefing in Canada - both in person and online. Each training is 8-10 hours with practical application. 



Becky Matchullis has been a gift to me personally and to our organization for many years.   With her natural gifting and intentional teaching and coaching on topics like parenting, resilience, generational issues, etc she journeys well with families who have been led to live their lives among different cultures.  In addition to her expertise as a coach, she directs and teaches at TCK re-entry camps (both specific to our organization, as well as inter-organizationally), and is an excellent resource for us as leaders as we seek to guide those under our organizational care with intentionality.  On a more personal level, I recommend Becky to families who need a listening ear and a gracious spirit, in combination with Spirit led wisdom as they travel the winding road of cross-cultural living. I have found her to be a courage builder for those navigating the uncertain territory of expatriate life. B Cook, Member Care Development, Global Ministries, C&MA Canada


Becky Matchullis was the primary presenter…for the professional development of boarding home supervisors in Europe and Africa organized by our association. She was extremely knowledgeable in her content and an excellent presenter. Becky’s presentations were both research and experientially based. She used her time effectively and purposefully, by using visuals, allowing feedback, directing small group work and summarizing. Her follow up discussions with participants demonstrated excellent listening skills…as an organizer of conferences, I am confident that she would contribute significantly to any event focusing on the areas of her expertise.”  D Wilcox, Ph.D, Director, International School Services for ACSI


Becky and her husband, Harv, came and spoke at our country retreat on team building, conflict resolution and how to handle change. They made an incredible teaching team by having a great mixture of fun learning games and information, tools to help our teams and time to practically work through these tools. They did a fine job of working through an interpreter as we had expat and national staff attend. They are warm, personable and engaging. Jason, Country Director with an NGO in Cambodia

At a time when our team was very weary due to long hours, hard labor, and difficult and frustrating work environments, Becky effectively communicated and coached us through workshops and exercises that dealt specifically with the issues we were facing. She took advantage of each available moment to facilitate a safe and restful learning environment where the team could evaluate circumstances and opportunities for healing and growth. Becky utilized her knowledge and skills to provide perspective and direction for addressing current stress points and future tests so that as individuals and as a community, we could function as an efficient, healthy, and prosperous team. Charles, Country Director for Miss. Organization, Haiti


* Name changed


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