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Parenting and Family Coaching:

I was full of negative emotion, dealing with my own set of challenges. My children felt they had lost their mum. My husband was rarely around because of ministry demands. Knowing  I could connect with Becky regularly - she understood and championed me to find deep inner strength and be empowered to get back to equilibrium – has been brilliant! Becky is sensitive, brings out the best in her clients and has taught me gratitude. My children have ME back – more engaged – as their mum and a more confident woman.    Winnie*, IW living in Thailand

We haven’t been through a relocation transition, but rather a child to teen transition. Our son, in trying to find his identity and confidence, began to seek them in wrong places. His grades dropped and he floundered. This affected all of us. Becky’s coaching helped us come up with a plan to help us cope, give him love in the midst of pain, and find ways to support him and be resilient.   Gary*, father to 3, IW living in Vietnam

This last move seemed to ship wreck us. Becky’s coaching helped our family find our anchor, reconnect as shipmates with respect and live globally with peace, rather than overwhelm. I highly recommend her to help your family.   Maddy*, Nepal

Our family is more connected, less conflicted, and happier as a unit since receiving parenting coaching from Becky. With her help, we found our identity, discovered our values, and learnt to play and have fun again. We now know our family strengths – what each of us brings to the others – and are tapping into them in the easy as well as more challenging times. She also taught us many great parenting skills to help process our transitions. We are resilient!      CCW in Abu Dhabi


Personal Coaching:

Becky gently pushed me outside my comfort zone, going to difficult areas in transition, but necessary ones to help me grieve the losses. She coached me how not to find an empowering perspective on what I was going through & yet not minimize the pain. I am at a place of freedom and hope.   Joanie*, IW in Malaysia and Hong Kong;repatriated to Canada

Coaching with Becky was transformational. She took what I was struggling with and helped me see them as potential for personal growth. She creates a safe place and was my genuine cheerleader. God used her to facilitate healing in my broken heart. She’s also been there for my kids as they’ve gone through deep grief."   IW evacuated from West Africa due to political upheaval, plus sudden death of husband

Becky's mixture of spiritual insight and relevant questions allowed me to delve into places that I needed to go as I discovered my values and purpose. Her insights proved invaluable for me in this season of my life as I encountered an empty nest along with transitions within a stretching leadership role. Each session left me feeling challenged and deeply encouraged. IW Regional Developer of Large US Miss. Organization, living in the US and Germany

Becky’s coaching during my transition abroad was invaluable. She helped me celebrate small victories and cope with major cultural change. She didn’t judge, entered my journey and led me to new perspectives. Becky is insightful, sensitive and compassionate. She had my best interests at heart – sometimes pushing/challenging, other times listening and supporting the wrestling of my heart. I am succeeding. I love the 'called' life, with its mixed emotions and experiences.   IW living in Eastern Europe

I came traumatized to coaching. A patient of mine was shot by enemies as we were racing him to an airplane transport. I had worked in refugee camps for years, yet this shook me to the core. Becky’s debriefing and then coaching allowed me to process this event and see that my being ‘strong’ was actually holding me back from being ‘courageous’. Healing has happened. I’m not defined by this traumatic event, but have incorporated it into my life as part of my story.     IW with an NGO, S Sudan

Becky has been an inspirational coach. Her support has been significant in helping me through hard decisions and priorities. I have most appreciated her gentle pushing, provocative questions and courageous support. And for believing in me when I didn’t. I have found my place and am living on mission, contributing and feeling fulfilled.” CCW, Middle East

After being in relief and development work as a nurse for years in Afghanistan, Indonesia and Haiti, I repatriated back to Australia and found myself lost. I had not worked through the transitions that existed between all the places I lived. Becky’s coaching allowed me to process unfinished transition and look forward with anticipation to the future.  NGO worker


As a country director with our NGO, I was over my head with team relational issues, management and admin challenges. Becky’s coaching gave me clear goals to work from, breaking down overwhelm to concise action steps. With her help I faced my fears, regained my confidence and trust; enforced boundaries and found my voice. After 5 months, I had our team at a healthy place, functioning well and working together.   Trevor*,  NGO in Tibet

Becky's coaching has been timely. I struggle with many grief and fear issues and her coaching has been amazing. I have stepped out into situations that would have normally filled me with fear. and it's good to realize it doesn't have to rule my life. I have faced my fears, overcome them little by little and gained confidence and courage.  I discovered what my values were in coaching and am stepping into living them out. I am initiating new friendships, even knowing that my expat time with them may be short. Now I am living from a place of faith. I have hope for the future. I had serious GI issues, and they are mostly gone. I have learned so much about who I am. I liked that from each coaching appointment, I had action steps to complete. These were chosen by me, which meant I was motivated to carry through on them. Becky helped me adopt new perspectives that were empowering. What I appreciated most is that Becky undertands the expat, International Worker, TCK and MK life. Coaching has literally transformed my life, with the help of my faith and Becky. *Libby, IW from Scotland, living as an expat in Kuwait, Oman, the US, Bolivia and Kenya. 


TCK Coaching:

Becky’s coaching taught me what works for me and what doesn’t. I learned new ways of getting my voice heard and having people understand what I am saying. Stepping into new perspectives helped bring change in all I do – better family relationships and academics at school. Becky taught me to like who I am.  16 yr. old, from Vietnam to Canada

As a college aged TCK, I had some real challenges in school and with friends and grieving to go through. Becky listened without judging. She offered support. I felt so comfortable with her. She showed me the root of my problems. She helped me come up with a plan and action steps that were manageable. The small steps turned into leaps! Most of my problems were gone in the 3 months and I feel like I can take what I’ve learnt and apply it to other issues that come up. I’m more self-aware. I’m more courageous at facing life.      TCK from Japan, now attending school in the USA

Moving countries with our daughter in grade 11 was very challenging for her. She met regularly with Becky, who was wise, caring, and an inspiring confidante and coach. She looked forward to coaching and came away encouraged by new insights and challenged to take transition steps in specific and purposeful ways. She opened up about her feelings and experiences - we drew closer as a result. She hated us for making her move. Over the course of about 6 months, sadness turned to adjustment. She’s found her niche with after school activities and a few friends.      Mom of 17 yr. old TCK

I found myself pressed against the wall of a dead end in life. I had a lot of issues as a TCK. As my coach, Becky took my hand and helped lead me out. It is rare to encounter someone with such compassion and discernment. I respect and trust Becky. I have embraced my life – the pain, the experiences, the possibilities. My life now open and I have found my passion – to be a healer and helper of others. I don’t know exactly what this will look like, but I’m back at school getting my master’s in social work. Thanks, Becky, for who you are and what you helped me through.     27 yr. old ATCK

Becky helped me, my brother and sister go through culture shock from Indonesia to West Africa. It was hard getting used to our new life, especially the new language and culture. Making friends at the international school was challenging. Becky listened and helped us come up with a plan to make things work. If they didn’t work, we’d try another idea. Becky is fun, really understands 'cuz she was a MK and is kind. Now we really like it here. We have friends from school and some local friends too.      12 yr. old TCK living in W. Africa

I was doing well in school and life until covid came. Then I was so anxious and felt overwhelmed with alot of things, but especially my schoolwork. Becky, in coaching, helped me to find really good tools that helped me climb out of this hole that felt like I was getting my breathe squeezed out of me. I started feeling happier, and more confident. Now I am doing well in school.   14 yr. old TCK living in Ethiopia 

* Name Changed

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