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Debriefing provides opportunity for an IW to tell their story.

They  process past events from their perspective,

with emotional responses at the time and since.

It allows reflection on the meaning of their experiences and

permits release, renewal and forward movement.


Home Assignment / Re-entry Debriefing (for singles, couples, children, teens)

IW’s who have both an “internal” (from sending organization) and “external” (from a professional outside the organization) debrief, report an ability to assimilate their experiences more effectively, let go of negative emotions, and feel understood. An external debrief allows:

  • honesty in sharing experiences and processing feelings, including those toward your sending agency, in a trusting and confidential relationship

  • concerns to be addressed and meaning to be given to what doesn’t fit

  • teaching on transition, loss and grief

  • celebration of successes and development of a plan for what’s next

Debriefing is offered for adults, children and teens. Becky creates a safe place and connection for children and teens to tell their story. She uses creative techniques to draw out storytelling, is kind and gentle in guiding the process and is sensitive to the personality, style and developmental stage of each. 


Debriefing Endorsements

Becky is a fantastic facilitator and debriefer for people under stress. As a leader of a large team in an unstable working environment, I appreciated the way she listened to our team and spoke encouragement and truth. Her gentle and sincere communication gives IW's  permission to release and share experiences that have stretched and traumatized them.        NGO Country Director, Haiti

We highly recommend Becky’s expertise as a resiliency coach and debriefer.  She has served many of our global workers when in Canada for home assignment.  Each has expressed appreciation for her understanding of their situation and insight in the encouragement and feedback she provides.  The process Becky uses has resulted in fruit as they develop a resiliency plan for their next term of service.  Mission Director, Gathering in Calgary

Debriefing with Becky after various overseas assignments has helped me process the events and challenges that I faced so I could move past, yet learn, from my experiences. Talking with someone who really knows how things are in international teams or in cross cultural circumstances is incredibly important. She could empathize with my situation, where others could only try to understand.   CCW in Afganistan, Lebanon and Liberia

Becky's debriefing style makes me feel comfortable to share. She asks questions that really make me think deeply about not just where I’ve been, but where I am, where I want to go and who I am becoming. I can talk about anything and won’t be judged, but supported.       NGO Worker in Haiti, Swaziland and Lebanon

Over the years, as we have welcomed home staff serving overseas, we have been grateful they debrief with Becky. A look of relief is evident as they spend time journeying through their term. Having someone who understands where they are coming from and can help unpack their experience in a way that would be difficult on their own, has been so valuable! Sidney* , Member Care of Miss. Organization, Canada

Meeting with you, Becky, has helped me get to know myself better and deal with my emotions. The chameleon and paradox teachings clarified a lot about TCK life, and the anger iceberg was useful for identifying underlying emotions. Thanks for listening to my story and caring about me. Thanks for the fun ways you taught with videos, play dough, photos, and so much more.  I was glad to have someone to talk to that could relate to me, even though you are so much older!   Charis*, 15 yrs. old, repatriated from China

* Name changed

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