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Coaching is a dynamic, purposeful and synergistic relationship.

The client comes ready to grow and take action.

The coach draws out what is already within by listening,

clarifying, supporting, challenging, and championing. 


It takes courage and a willingness to change and engage. In the process, you’ll discover inner strength, potential and peace. Becky's coaching is client and solution focused, strength's based, collaborative and holistic.


Becky is passionate about helping IW’s:

  • Gain anchoring in their calling, living out identity through values

  • Contribute authentically and live Creator-given purpose

  • Build strategies for life-long resilience

  • Create a life of greater balance

  • Find renewed meaning and hope, significance and purpose

Types of coaching offered:

Individual Coaching

Becky specializes in coaching those:

  • facing transition, loss and grief

  • struggling with crisis of calling, loneliness, vulnerability 

  • stressed, overwhelmed or stuck

  • desiring to align daily living with calling


You can expect, from Becky’s coaching, to: 

  • be in an affirming relationship that builds a safe, courageous place to explore and grow

  • gain increased clarity and develop empowering perspectives 

  • move past fears, assumptions and beliefs that hold you back 

  • be accountable and take action 

  • gain tools and strategies that work and build resilience 



Parent Coaching


As a parent, do you desire:

  • connectedness with your MK children/teens, no matter what?

  • to control your own emotions so that you can teach your kids skills to manage theirs?

  • more balance in ministry/personal life and family?

  • to nurture the Creator-connection of your children?

  • to know how to build the capacity of your TCK children at any given stage?

  • to coach your children in their adjustments – culturally and transitionally?


There is reparative potential for every IW family! If you’re done with doing the same thing over and over again and not getting the results you desire, Becky empowers parents to:

  • move from desperation and darkness to love and peace

  • experience strength in stress and courage in challenging circumstances

  • parent from Perfect Love, rather than fear


TCK Coaching


During childhood and into adulthood, the TCK’s experiences of body, mind and heart — the moves, relationships, losses, discoveries, opportunities—are layered one onto another. This makes for a complicated and sometimes confusing inner world. Questions of “who am I?”, “where do I belong?”, and “what do I do with all my losses?” are wrestled with. It takes time to intentionally acknowledge and accept these layers to reveal the richness and beauty they contain. 


Having lived as a TCK, parented TCKs, and coached many TCK’s, Becky understands the paradoxes of the global nomadic life. She brings an empathy and understanding few other coaches can offer. She coaches TCK’s – under 12 yrs. with a parent and those 12 -18  individually.  She coaches adult TCK’s, from college age upward, who want to explore their childhood experiences, work through residual loss and integrate it in healthy ways into their present lives.


As a TCK (no matter your age), are you:

  • having a hard time adjusting – to school (college), to the new culture?

  • finding it hard to make friends and missing your friends far away?

  • feeling sad and despairing? Feeling emotions that scare you?

  • having a hard time with your parents or siblings right now?

  • longing for increased confidence in your new environment?


Becky’s coaching will empower you to:

  • accept your TCK/MK experiences; process deep feelings and mine the gold they offer

  • embrace the present and future rather than feeling held back by the past

  • capitalize on your strengths and skills as a TCK/MK

  • develop skills to build and enhance relationships

  • learn to live from a place of resilience with an empowering plan

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