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Specializing in International and Cross Cultural Worker Families

Empowering families to live from strength to strength  

Ps 84:7


Coaching is a dynamic, purposeful and synergistic relationship. The client comes ready to grow and take action. The coach draws out what is already within by listening, clarifying, supporting, challenging and championing. 


It takes courage and a willingness to change and engage. In the process, you’ll discover inner strength, potential and peace. IN and THROUGH stress and challenge, transition and pain, you can develop resilience.

Becky's coaching is client and solution focused, strength based, practical and holistic.

Debriefing provides opportunity for an IW to tell their story. They  process past events from their perspective, with emotional responses at the time and since.


It allows reflection on the meaning of their experiences and permits release, renewal and forward movement.

Debriefing is offered for adults, children and teens. Becky creates a safe place and connection for all to tell their story. She listens beyond words, gives insight, affirms and helps the client develop a resiliency plan.


Becky is a gifted workshop and seminar speaker with a passion for inspiring her audience towards transformation. She shares her personal experience and connects with her audience through visual media, small group interaction and experiential learning.


Becky has presented workshops around the globe.

She presents to:

IW parents, families, Miss. leaders, TCK's, ATCK's, sending agencies and gathering places.


Becky Matchullis


Becky received her coach training in 2003 from the Coaches Training Institute, obtaining her Certified Professional Co-Active Coach title in 2003. A Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and member with the International Coach Federation, she has well over 3000 coach hours with hundreds of clients.  

Becky's additional training includes Critical Incident Debriefing by the Mobile Member Care Team (Africa) and she is certified in  The Resilience Doughnut for children, teens and adults. Adding to her wholistic approach is her 6 years of physical care given as an RN in the ICU.

Her effectiveness as an IW/CCW family resilience and parent coach stems from her own experiences and training.  She has deep knowledge of the psychology of transition, grief and loss. Her background fuels respect for personal and cultural differences. Becky's coaching is individualized and client focused; strengths based and solution focused; collaborative, holistic and practical.  She is her client’s greatest champion! Though she has worked with expats and coached managers and leaders in the business world for many years, she is dedicating the rest of her ministry life to helping those on the front lines of Kingdom purposes.

  Blogs by Becky 
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